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For a revolutionary but conscious design.

Conscious design that understands society and skilfully changes it for the better. That's the mission at the heart of Lago, a furniture company founded in 1976 with two simple concepts encoded in its DNA: curiosity and doing things well.

Thirty years later, when it reached its fourth generation, Lago opened up to the international market, offering its modular and minimalist design – together with an unconventional, strongly web-based and digital communication style that it uses to this day – in over 20 countries (through a network of 900 selected points of sale). Innovative codes that invest in technology, but above all, the way of inventing and producing, summarised in a celebrated 11-point manifesto that defines a clear philosophy that is simple to apply and make your own. Daniele Lago, CEO and Head of Design, is at the helm of the company alongside his brother Franco, Chairman, and Rosanna, Control Manager. The team at their disposal consists of roughly two hundred young people, a little less than half of whom work in production. Hundreds of designs for hotels, B&Bs, retail spaces, restaurants, bars and offices shine with the Lago spirit, powered by a design that is intelligent, beautiful and functional, maintaining a rigorous aesthetic while remaining simple and practical, based on materials that are as durable as they are reliable. A first-hand look at these creations immediately reveals that it is possible for the standards of modern industrial manufacturing can be effectively paired with the values of the handmade “artisanship” that has always found a home at Lago. After all, Daniele has always combined his revolutionary design instinct with his “kindness”, which goes beyond products, gracefully impacting the lives of those who “experience” them, and facing today's crucial issues, such as sustainability, with a transparent awareness. A motto shared with pride: “Lago believes that design must be guided by man, by humanity and empathy.”

"Lago believes that design must be guided by man, by humanity and empathy". Daniele Lago - Founder
"Lago believes that design must be guided by man, by humanity and empathy". Daniele Lago - Founder

The common ground for the Biesse and Lago, which reinforces the historic partnership between the furniture and carpentry sectors, is the Alliance project: a collection of brands, people and businesses that have decided to join the design company from Veneto on a journey of respect for our planet, ourselves and our future. The historic partnership is borne out by the innovative production plant that Biesse developed with Lago, completely restructuring the manufacturing site. The result is the inclusion of a new Batch One facility within the existing production context, in the spirit of personalisation, speed and flexibility.

The facility has a new square-edging cell with Stream MDS and Winner W1, a new drilling cell with Skipper 130 and a new Selco WNR 650 sizing centre connected to Winstore 3D K1, , which intelligently manages all the material to be processed. “Including the ‘batch one’ process bolsters the ‘just in time’ objective set by Lago, reducing the warehouses needed for semi-finished products and raw materials, as well as reducing scrap material and elevating product quality. What's more, it improves efficiency, reduces time to delivery and offers complete control over the production flow,” explains Mauro Pede, Biesse Systems Sales Director. “The new investments have led us to a new productive flexibility that we will continue to implement, for a renewed production speed and even greater customisation of the range,” adds Daniele. Carlo Bertacco echoes the sentiment, “We are completing a 2,500 m2 expansion, to be even faster and more flexible while maintaining the extremely high level of quality that Lago is known for.

It's an equation that relies heavily on technology: I'm referring to one of the particularly valuable machines we purchased from Biesse – a small Brema Eko – not only is it extremely flexible, it allows us to greatly simplify some some steps, since we can process painted pieces without worrying about damaging them. It's proof that with clear ideas and a precisely organised work flow one can find simple solutions that produce excellent results.”

Made with Biesse - Lago

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