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Itlas: Innovation and Sustainability in Wooden Flooring

Those who choose Itlas flooring can be certain that they are walking not only on a product made in Italy, but which arose and is supported by Italy’s natural beauty.

The Italian company Itlas, founded by Patrizio Dei Tos in 1988, can be found in the heart of the province of Treviso.

With its registered office and production headquarters in Cordignano, Itlas has established its leadership in pre-finished wooden flooring, standing out through its commitment to environmental responsibility and guarantee of complete sustainability.
The company was a pioneer in offering consumers an informed choice, promoting a business model of harmoniously integrated humanity and nature. This translates to green solutions, featuring a unique and innovative design, that derive from a company philosophy founded on environmental sustainability.

One of Itlas’s distinctive qualities is its dedication in linking the company to an Italian forest, in Cansiglio, to generate a tangible connection to the land. This local forest connection highlights the commitment of Itlas to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.
Partnership with Biesse is of vital importance in creating innovative, personalised flooring. Indeed, this collaboration develops from a shared desire to find original solutions that meet the requirements of the most demanding designers, who are often looking for finishes, forms and designs that can redefine the concept of flooring itself, introducing innovative and iconic elements to the interior design arena.

Collaboration with Biesse starts right there: from the desire to find solutions together.

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