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Nature calls, technology answers

Resource and motivation, Generelli sees stone as a vibrant material ready to be transformed into art thanks to "Swiss-made" precision and innovation "Made in Italy".

Swiss precision. Two words meant for one another and destined to take on new shades of meaning. The products created by Generelli SA are more than just meticulously crafted. With over 40 years of experience, the Swiss company, located in Rivera (Ticino), has taken the task of manufacturing top quality stone items and made it an art. As the perfection of each finished product reveals, the company is part of a consolidated tradition and isn't resting on its laurels. Generelli employs the latest stone machining techniques alongside the skilful artisanship afforded by Canton Ticino, a region that has plenty of experience refining material that comes in as little more than a slab of stone. From marble and granite to natural rock, these raw materials are more than just resources, they are the company's motivation, the elements that make the company unique. That has been the company's mission ever since it was founded by Generelli Guido in 1974. His son Moreno later took the helm, and it has now passed to Matteo, the third generation. Today father and son (the second and third generation) make an energetic team as they lead 18 qualified employees and achieve 3 million Euros in yearly revenues. Natural rock, quartz composites, plastics and ceramics are daily bread for the creative minds that transform these materials into works of art, "from a simple granite windowsill to more complex three-dimensional machining," Moreno explains, as he show how slabs of stone become "everyday" objects, countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, stairs, floors, chimneys, swimming pools designed to add beauty to living spaces all over the world.

No outsourcing: every single step is managed internally by Generelli, to guarantee the highest quality possible. "Today technology is an irreplaceable part of our company: we wouldn't be where we are today without it"affirms Matteo. All the better if the technology comes from Italy which, according to Moreno, is home to the best companies. Production is in fact dominated by the Master 33 machining centre and the Primus 5-axis waterjet by Biesse, a company whose collaboration with Generelli dates all the way back to 1996.

One of the most recent stars of the production team, the Primus, has already broken new records for the company, as Matteo explains: "We can now create shapes with a variety of sizes and very precise cuts, as well as produce double curved 3D inlays, thereby increasing both productivity and autonomous work". Equipped with cutting edge tools, "with greatly evolved technical features compared to the past", these mechanical wonders designed for power and precision have opened the doors to the future: to a time when, according to Matteo, technology "will increasingly become part of every phase of production and will strengthen its contribution to design and programming thanks to higher levels of autonomy and intelligence. But this can only happen if the companies that use these machines are able to evolve alongside the machines themselves".

Thanks to Biesse technology, we can produce objects with complex shapes, increasing productivity and autonomous work.

Matteo Generelli - Owner

Will we still need the human touch or will "simple" innovation be able to guarantee the much-touted levels of precision? "While the manual finishing once needed for traditional tasks can be almost entirely handled by machines, the human element remains a key factor in the creation of newer "unexplored" products", Matteo points out as he reviews the unique items created by Giuseppe Fallacara's research team. The New Fundamental Research Group directed by Fallacara for the University of Bari has been working on avant guard experiments with materials and technology for contemporary design.

The goal: to open new doors for the unexplored potential of stone materials by exploiting the new opportunities available thanks to Digital Manufacturing. A revolution in the way we conceive of and create items that can be summed up as "starting with a digital foundation and not a physical object". The Möbius chaise longue and the Wave Bottle-Rack are two exciting examples of how a material as ancient as stone can interact with and challenge something as "futuristic" as carbon fibre. Perceived fragility is thus overcome by a new image that is both sturdy and lightweight.

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