Selco WNA8
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Total production efficiency

SELCO WNA 8 is a range of sizing systems with two fully independent cutting lines and automatic loading, ideal for the needs of major businesses that not only produce large batches but also focus on the dynamic, personalised production of small batches

Maximum productivity on any pattern
Maximum productivity on any pattern

A wide range of configuration possibilities to process efficiently a variety of cutting patterns

Depending on the cutting pattern, the two idle grippers can link up (either individually or together) with the two pushing devices

Machining operation precision
Machining operation precision

Side alignment stop integrated in the cross cut blade carriage. Its features enable the perfect alignment of even the thinnest and/or most flexible panels, reducing cycle time to a minimum


Significant reduction of processing times thanks to the possibility of combining the grippers with any type of cutting patterns in a single cycle. System for performing simultaneous transverse cuts due to the two fully independent pushing devices and two completely independent motorless grippers. This mechanism changes distance between the two pushing devices and therefore their working field. This enables the processing of panels up to 4500 x 2200 mm
Software _B OPTI
Software _B OPTI
B_OPTI is the software for optimising cutting patterns, developed entirely by Biesse. based on the list of pieces to be produced and the panels available, it can calculate the best solution to minimise material consumption, sectioning times and production costs.

Stechert Group

Biesse technology accompanies the growth of Stechert


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