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Rover A 12/15/18


Rover A is the flexible new high-performance NC machining centre with a gantry structure, designed for customers who want to invest in a product that can process any type of element quickly but with excellent results. The Rover A boasts a quality-competitiveness ratio without equal on the market, making it the ideal investment.


The new BHZ 29 2L boring head is equipped with automatic lubrication and a highly efficient rigid suction cap for a cleaner environment. It’s liquid-cooled for maximum precision.


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Integrated robot solutions
Integrated robot solutions

Biesse offers its customers pragmatic solutions for factory automation.

ROS robotised solutions ensure a marked increase in production and total reliability of both the production process and the unloading operations, even in a wider context of industrial automation.

Ability to process large sizes

The double Z axis version of the Rover A allows pieces with a thickness of up to 275 mm and of 300 mm for Rover A Plus to be positioned in the machine. The single Z axis version enables pieces of up to 245 mm to be processed.

CFT: Two machines in one, guaranteed competitiveness
CFT: Two machines in one, guaranteed competitiveness

Rover A with bar table, convertible into a machine with continuous table, allows you to tackle also nesting, folding and thin panels.

High production standards
High production standards

Rover A Plus with 2 Y-carriages guarantees high precision and productivity in the execution of furniture and furnishings; in particular it meets the needs of customers who process solid wood.


Advanced Table-Setting System

For the quick and easy manual positioning of the clamping systems.


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Loading and unloading solutions. Automated cell for machining a batch of panels or doors.

Synchro is a loading/unloading device that transforms the Rover machining centre into an automatic cell for producing a stack of panels autonomously without the need for an operator:

  • it eliminates the risk of damage in the case of heavy panels that need to be handled by 2 operators

  • it’s easy to use, because the machining centre program also contains the Synchro command instructions

  • it has limited overall dimensions, and can be positioned to the left or right of the machining centre

  • it comes with various configurations, depending on the size of the panels to be handled and the layout of the stacks.

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