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Biesse Inside Italy Edition 2023: “how to lend form to material”

At Biesse we design, produce and create technologies that can machine any material in every context, lending form to the ideas of our customers and transforming them into genuine works of art.

This is why we chose to dedicate the Inside event to the theme of multi-materiality.


Every day of the event will therefore be dedicated to exploring the particular characteristics of every material in depth, illustrated by presenting the successes, experiences and goals of special guests.


An exchange between Massimo Gobbini, CEO of Artelinea S.p.A., and Ascanio Zocchi, ADI designer, opens the first day of the event on Monday, 20 November, highlighting the importance of studying materials, the foundation on which the art of creation is built, where in-depth knowledge of materials translates to works of design that are both surprising and functional.

The following days – from Tuesday 21 to Friday 24 November – will instead be dedicated, in turn, to wood, to technological materials, to glass and, finally, to stone.

Capoferri Serramenti and Itlas’s passion and “respect” for wood will segue into HP Composites and Assocompositi’s constant search for innovative and ever more sustainable composite materials, aware that caring about the environment is an act of responsibility so that beauty, functionality and the planet can coexist in harmony.

The thousand forms of glass will instead provide the focus for the fourth day of the event and the account of two glassmakers – Curvet and Vetrotec – that love to define themselves as out of the ordinary: genuine windows onto the imagination, where glass transforms into art and functionality fuses with uniqueness. Their works demonstrate courageous creativity, where tradition blends with innovation to create something truly extraordinary.

Stone will be at the centre of the final Inside, a silent witness to antiquity, with versatility that testifies to its eternal beauty and utility. Today, stone is shaped by companies such as Simeg and Generelli, with a process incorporating ingenuity and creativity that brings the visions of designers such as Paolo Criveller tangibly to life, creating timeless accessories and artworks.

From 20 to 24 November 2023, the Inside event will be dedicated to the Italian market. This year’s edition, inspired by the theme of “how to lend form to material”, celebrates multi-materiality and aims to highlight how technology, in a path blending innovation, experimentation and design, combined with human ingenuity and empathy can release the innate potential of every material, through a packed programme of seminars, demos and in-depth analysis.

Laura Alesi Marketing Manager Italia

"Inside Italy Edition is an opportunity to celebrate multi-materiality, highlighting the exceptional capacity of human genius to combine different elements to create something new, something exceptional. It’s an homage to creativity that fuses varied materials to forge convention-defying artworks and innovations that open new pathways for progress".

Lanfranco Fontanelli Sales Director Italy

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