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Bathroom furnishings, tailor-made magic.

BMT Bagni has been producing bathroom furnishings for over 40 years, combining the artisanship and practicality of tailor-made products with new technology, which is increasingly needed to remain competitive. A real star.

At the crossroads between Romagna, Umbria and Tuscany, right in the heart of Italy, there's a magical land whose beauty is as authentic as it is legendary. This enduring beauty – marked by genuine manual skills – lives on thanks to artisan workmanship, traditional attention to detail, and the unique art that only skilled hands can truly produce. It's the perfect setting for BMT Bagni, a company from Pesaro that specialises in the production of bathroom furniture, a tangible expression of the magical essence that blends quality and aesthetics with innovative materials and designs.

Merli and Tomassini originally started out in 1971, producing accessories for furniture, and only later decided to focus on bathroom furniture. The decision proved successful, and the company now exports to 15 Countries - a trend that continues to grow. The company recently inaugurated a new plant that spans nearly 10,000 square metres, to boost production and pair cutting-edge technology with high quality standards and competitive prices. BMT Bagni furnishings feature recherché solutions and are often signed by prestigious designers: "We rely on Italian architects, whose designs are unique and patented, for the creation of truly designer product lines", states Marco Merli, Product Manager and R&D / Technical Department Director, not to mention the son of one of the two historic founders. Today, BMT Bagni employs 32 people, with an annual revenue of 3.8 million euros in 2016. The company supplies the best showrooms for bathroom furniture both in Italy and abroad and serves as a contract supplier, providing tailor-made bathroom furniture for houses and businesses. Historic expertise and the drive for innovation sum up what has always been the BMT Bagni vision. As Marco puts it, "We are convinced that it's only when tradition and enthusiasm meet research and technology that true excellence is produced".

Biesse is a veritable strategic partner, not a simple supplier of machinery.

Marco Merli - Product manager

Combining form and function. From the modern to the classic, every style stands out thanks to skilled artisanship perfected over the years: BMT collections are the perfect example of elegant and cutting-edge designs responding to functional needs. They are the perfect answer to the changing demands of everyday life, and a source of new connections that engage the senses. "We believe," Marco explains, "that bathroom furniture is now an integral part of an environment that has become the temple of physical well-being, a place where elegant lines, lighting and sensations all come together". Modularity and personalisation are the unique strengths of BMT, along with a wide range of finishes, materials and colours used to customise the bathroom for each customer. They are the essence of Marco refers to as the tailor-made strategy: "This is how we design and craft the product to fit the customer's needs while striving for perfection".

Made with Biesse - BMT Bagni

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