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A summary of the main financial results

Economic data

in millions of euros20182019202020212022% 22/21
Gross operating margin 92,67676,73255,98579,67290,55913,7%
% of sales revenue12,5%10,9%9,7%10,7%11,0%
Net operating margin63,77229,6446,22345,72150,74911,0%
% of sales revenue8,6%4,2%1,1%6,2%6,2%
Profit before tax58,28723,4433,22240,48441,6342,8%
% of sales revenue7,9%3,3%0,6%5,5%5,1%
Net profit43,85113,0022,45534,19530,296-11,4%
% of sales revenue1,8%5,9%0,4%4,6%3,7%


Net operating margin/revenues8,6%4,2%1,1%6,2%6,2%
Earnings before taxes/revenues7,9%3,3%0,6%5,5%5,1%
Net investments**/revenues6,0%4,9%6,6%1,1%1,3%
Net financial debt/shareholder equity11,57%-8,51%23,06%50,00%44,71%
Financial expenses/revenues1,90%2,09%0,55%0,35%0,24%
Financial expenses/net operating margin22,06%49,76%51,26%5,68%3,97%


Employees at year-end (no.)43974133402443084164
Turnover per employee (thousands of euro)168,6170,8143,8172,3197,5

Balance sheet results

in millions of euros20182019202020212022
Net invested capital 194,1 237,3 165,3 124,6 144,1
Net Worth 219,5 218,7 214,8 249,2 260,8
Net financial debt excluding IFRS16 25,4 8,0 71,7 146,0 139,4
Net financial debt 25,4 -18,6 49,5 124,6 116,6
Net investments** (millions of euro)-44,76-34,624-38,378-8,352-11,055

Starting from June 01st 2015 Biesse will use, for the deposit and storage of the Regulated Informations, the 1Info instrument ( www.1info.it ) managed by Computershare S.p.A based in Milan, Via Lorenzo Mascheroni, 19, as requested by Consob.

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